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Elite Energy Events and Mark ‘Emmo’ Emerton would like to stand by Tweed Enduro and NXSports. Producing events is one hell of a game. We would like to offer anyone that can show a race entry into the Tweed Enduro a FREE ENTRY into any of our races at Hawks Nest Triathlon on March 19. It’s on us, Triathlon needs great event organisers like NXsports for the future of the sport! Together we will get through this…

To redeem your free entry simply enter the promo code ‘TRIFAMILY’ at –  bit.ly/HawksNestTri. 

Sunday 6 March – 09:00

Wednesday 2 March – 09:00

This page is updated during this weather event at 08:00, 13:00, and 18:00 local NSW time. 

Friday 25 February – 13:00

Today I have some news that I would not have suspected could happen.  

We have completed our risk assessments and the water quality will by tomorrow deteriorate as there is insufficient fresh water coming into the creek to swim from the ocean due to the outfall from other rivers and creeks in the Valley.  

We also have a large number of athletes, crew and staff waiting in Brisbane and north Brisbane given localised flooding – and Queenslanders represent 70% of the field. 

So we were prepared to conduct two duathlons, but there is a chance a large number of you may not attend, and I can not justify closing the roads in the local community for two days for a few hundred athletes. We have consulted with our athletes group, the safety committee and other advisors, and we have agreed to abandon the event. 

I know some of you already are querying about refunds, withdraws, etc and want this sorted now. We cannot answer this now. We still have suppliers arriving now as I write this note, we have watermelon being cut up, we have volunteer groups arriving to collect their packs etc etc. Until these costs are calculated…. I honestly have no idea. 

Our team is working to call all of you personally now.

This is devasting for the local shops who have ordered foods and brought on extra staff, the local accommodation houses who lose sales, the local community groups who can’t fundraise, and you our athletes who cannot race. 

We cannot believe a few hours out from transition opening, to be in this position. And we are so sorry for the inconvenience. 

I frankly struggle to see why we continue to get so hammered, from Covid, floods….All I can say is thank you to our loyal Enduroists for your continued support. 

Friday 25 February – 10:30

StatusSafety Committee Meeting underway.
TransitionRacking now erected, transition will be ready for 2pm.

Venue is drying out, check-in will be ready for 2pm opening. Some decoration, flags and scrim will not be installed today given potential for a storm.

SwimRisk assessment underway.

Risk assessment underway.


Risk assessment underway.

WeatherRadar shows very large rain clouds slightly to the north, still not raining on site, we expect rain later today.
Temperature 24 degrees and overcast conditions. 

Friday 25 February – 08:00

StatusEvent proceeding – Ground has dried out somewhat, very heavy rain for a while this morning before dawn, site being built now. 
TransitionRacking being erected now, transition will be ready for 2pm.

Venue is drying out, check-in will be ready for 2pm opening. Some decoration, flags and scrim will not be installed today given potential for a storm.

Swim Water on the outgoing tide is dirty, swim being reassessed at lunch time. 

Dried out compared to yesterday, flood waters at u-turn remain, cycle course will be adjusted as per advice yesterday for both Saturday and Sunday.


Low lying areas will be bypassed, the run is good to go.

WeatherRadar shows very large rain clouds slightly to the north, currently not raining on site, we expect rain later today, 
Temperature 24 degrees and overcast conditions. 

*The next update will be at 13:00

Thursday 24 February – 18:00

StatusEvent proceeding – modified cycle course confirmed.
TransitionGround remains wet.  Large puddle was receding during dry period this afternoon, but will reemerge with the rain. Racks will remain in numerical order, and work around puddle

Ground remains wet and no vehicles permitted on parklands. Venue decoration minimised given wind and rain conditions

SwimWater quality remains good on incoming tide

Course has been shortened on Wooyung Road due to localised flooding

Enduroists and Aquabike will complete 5 laps to achieve distance of 88.5km

Sprint+ will complete two laps – first short lap to Blackrocks Bridge and a second full lap 22.5km

Updates maps are uploading to the website now.


Pooling water remains in low lying areas behind houses, and course will be adjusted as required.

WeatherPeriodic wind gusts, rain returning overnight
Temperature24 degrees and humid

The next scheduled update is Friday at 08:00.



Thursday 24 February – 13:00

Current conditions in Pottsville are overcast with some blue sky.  It has not rained for over 2 hours, and some areas with water pooling are receding.  We still expect rain to roll back in based on the current forecast.

We have spoken with local Police, Council, and SES – all approve our approach.  Local resources have been allocated to assist in the Valley, but this will not impact or disrupt event operations.

StatusNo change from this morning – event proceeding. 
TransitionGround wet – 1 large puddle

Ground wet

Contingency plan – reduce the footprint and presentation


Water still very warm

Water on the incoming tide is flowing in clear


4 large puddles on side of road remain

Water now across the road near the Wooyung u-turn point.

**Contingency Plan** If the water does not recede, the course will be shortened with an extra lap to maintain the distance.


Puddles have formed behind the houses along the foreshore

Contingency Plan – course will be adjusted to avoid large pools of water

WeatherHumid – with a mix of sun and cloud.  Periodic wind gusts.
Temperature28 degrees

Thursday 24 February – 08:00

Today’s forecast is for heavy rainfall, finishing Friday morning.

The roads in the Tweed Valley are experiencing some localised pooling of water, but the Coastal Road network we use for the event remains open.

StatusEvent proceeding, contractors continuing with remaining tents, fences and racking this morning.
TransitionGround wet – 2 puddles
VenueGround wet
SwimWater on peak of tide very clean and clear, water temperature warm

4 large puddles on side of road, road repairs completed before rain started.

Water expected across the road today near the U-Turn as is usual.

RunLarge wet puddle on lower course
WeatherIntermittent showers and wind squalls. Windy earlier, no wind now.
Temperature24 degrees and warm

afds- is updategood